Paradox MG6250 Outdoor kit

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Paradox MG6250 OUTDOOR Kit incl:

1 x Paradox MG6250 Console ALL-in-ONE

1 x Rem15 Remote

4 x PMD85 Wireless outdoor detectors

1 x Power supply 7.5v

Built-in Dual Piezo siren 90db

Built-in Battery Back-up up to

Free GPRS14 GSM communicator (send and receive notifications via sms)

Customisable, simply add any Paradox Wireless Product on our store.

Free system programming

Free Delivery in RSA

Easy Do-it-yourself Installation and Programming

The MG6250 console was designed to make the setup of the system to be as simple as possible. Programming the console is accomplished via the menu-driven interface, which provides a clear and easy menu structure that guides you every step of the way. This saves installation time, as well as minimizes the time required to familiarize yourself with the system.

Also, after setting-up the system once, there is virtually no need to touch the system again. All firmware upgrades are done remotely via GPRS.

The MG6250 has been developed with the latest industry requirements in mind regarding multi-channel reporting. Paradox’s Simultaneous Five-channel Reporting offers reporting via GPRS, GSM, SMS, Voice, and traditional landline. Simultaneous Five-channel Reporting was designed to be highly reliable and economical, with minimal programming. Under normal conditions, the console uses pre-determined reporting sequences based on channel availability, speed, and cost-effectiveness. In case of a panic or alarm, the console will report on all five channels, making sure the report is transmitted. This ensures worry-free, reliable communication with the central station or the user.

The MG6250 supports two partitions for two separate security-monitored areas, with up to 64 wireless zones. In addition, the console also offers three arming levels: Stay, Sleep, and Full arming, as well as StayD-Paradox’s patented protection level that ensures better, adaptable, protected living. Offered in both white and silver, the MG6250 blends into any decor.

Away from home: 

When you leave your home, maximize your security with a push of a button. Each of up to 64 points of detection, like your front door, windows, balcony and motion detection devices, will immediately alert you in the case of an unrecognized breach. This invisible barrier not only provides you with complete security, but with the peace of mind that your family, your home and your belongings are safe. 

Security while you sleep:

Now your main floor can be completely protected while you sleep in full security upstairs. Your front and back doors, windows, balconies and any other points of detection that you choose can be on full alert while your family is free to roam the upper level of your home without setting off an alarm. When you’re ready to come downstairs, remove the arming mode with a touch of a button. 

Home alone: 

Give yourself peace of mind knowing that you are safe, even when you are home alone. Whether you’re upstairs relaxing in a bath or downstairs playing with the children, you can’t always hear what’s happening on the main floor. With Magellan you can secure your perimeter points of detection and keep your living space unarmed.

Twice the security:

Magellan can secure two separate areas with one single system. This means your home can be disarmed while your garage is armed 24hrs a day. Secure your shed, your trailer or an granny flat double up on your security. Ensure that your pool, your home office, your safe room or your wine cellar can only be accessed by you or someone you choose or that an area automatically arms at the same time every day. 

Wireless Communications 

Go cellular. Your system can send you a text message (SMS) or a pre-recorded voice message on up to 5 telephone numbers to notify you of system events, such as arming/disarming, alarms and troubles. You can also remotely control your system (e.g. arm/disarm) from any phone by sending a text message (SMS) or by using a voice-guided menu.

Check your security status with your remote:

With one-touch, remote control convenience, managing your security system has never been simpler. Disarm your system with one button, arm it with another or send a panic signal to your monitoring station. For those times when you get into your car and just can’t remember if you armed your system, simply push the info button on your remote: if the light is red, your system is armed, if it’s green, your system is disarmed. Your system status can also be communicated by an audible tone. (Only available with the REM2 and REM25 remotes) 

Wireless security:

With Magellan you can provide your home with maximum security without the hassle of tearing holes in your wall, running wires or paying for expensive installations. The convenience of a wireless security system also means your system can always move with you, so you can secure your apartment, home or office even if you plan on buying something else later. 

Avoiding false alarms:

Most false alarms result from errors that occur from security system owners using over-complicated keypads. The keypads that accompany your Magellan system have been designed with this major obstacle in mind, and as a result, provide you with guidance and one-touch button ease of use. 


Simultaneous Five-channel Reporting Offers reporting via GPRS, GSM, SMS, Voice, and traditional landline, with pre-defined communication sequences to save installation time.

Speakerphone via GSM or Landline Provides a fully-functional speakerphone that uses either GSM or a landline.

GPRS14 Plug-in Communicator Module This integrated, concealed module provides reporting via GPRS, GSM, and SMS (featuring dual SIM cards for provider redundancy)

All-in-one 2-Partition 64-Zone Wireless Console Two partitions for two separate security monitored areas with up to 64 wireless zones (Stay, Sleep, and Full arming per partition). Supports the full Magellan line of wireless products (keypads, motion and smoke detectors, sirens, PGMs, remotes, and repeaters).

Intuitive Menu-driven Programming Programming the console is performed via the unit’s menu-driven user interface, allowing system set-up to be quick and effortless.

StayD - Always Armed, Never Disarmed Provides Paradox’s patented protection level that maximizes security for easier, better living.

Simultaneous Five-channel Reporting Offers reporting via GPRS, GSM, SMS, Voice, and traditional landline, with pre-defined communication sequences to save installation time.
2 partitions and up to 64 wireless zones
Supports optional quad-band GPRS/GSM module with 2 SIM cards (GPRS14)
Built-in transceiver (433 or 868 MHz)
Speakerphone via GSM or landline
Built-in voice and utility reporting(up to 8 telephone numbers)
Two-way voice communication (via GSM or landline)
16 users and 16 remote controls
8 wireless PGMs (2 I/Os can be hardwired)
256 events buffered
Supports 4 wireless sirens (SR150)
Supports 4 wireless keypads (K32RF/K37), displays first 32 zones only
Supports 4 wireless repeaters (RPT1)
Supports 16 two-way remotes (REM2/REM3)
Built-in 90 dB siren
Remote firmware upgrade via GPRS
Full voice-assisted remote system access via GSM
High-quality sound for voice tags and menu guidance
Family message center (up to 30 sec. w/ time stamp)
Clock with alarm