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TM70 Touch Intuitive Touchscreen 


The TM70 touch screen input keypad is designed to communicate with Paradox control panels, and offer user friendly interface. Offer vivid colors.

The TM70 due to its larger screen allows for more information to be displayed on one screen and is more convenient in comparison to the TM50.

Both touch screen displays are compatible with Spectra, Magellan and EVO Paradox systems, and both support Paradox next generation Swan panels with RS-485 fast encrypted bus, and features like complete menu programming, remote keypad firmware upgrade and screen saver images download from the Insite GOLD application.

The TM70 / TM50 have screen savers with auto mode, adjustable brightness with auto dim mode and full dark sleep mode, indoor temperature display, bus voltage monitoring and easy multi-partition control.

The TM70 LCD color display resolution is 800 x 400 pixels with an external SD media card (4 GB), 2 GB free space for uploading jpegs for screen savers.

The TM70 is offered in white.


TM70 Technical Brochure

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TM70 Installer Guide

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