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The Paradox PMD2P is an analog single-optic PIR motion detector with built-in pet immunity (18KG) for use with Magellan wireless systems.


Immune to animals weighing up to 18kg (40lb)
11m x 11m (35ft x 35ft) and up to 15m (50ft) for center beams with 88.5° viewing angle
Wireless range in a typical residential environment:
  - 35m (115ft) with MG6160, MG6130, and MG6250;
  - 70m (230ft) with MG5000, MG5050, and RTX3
Uses 2 x AA Batteries, last 6 months to 2 years (included)
When a higher level of immunity is required, such as when animals are constantly in the detection area, consider using PMD75
Patented Auto Pulse Signal Processing
Automatic Temperature Compensation
Alive software (alarm LED continues to display when PIR is in energy save mode without compromising battery life)
3-minute energy save mode after two detections within a five-minute period
Dual tamper mechanism (wall/cover)
Slide switch to select high or low sensitivity
EN 300-200 certified
EN 50131 certified
Can be used with SB469 Swivel-Mount Bracket


PMD2 Tecnical Guidelines

PMD2 installation instructions

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