Tips for securing your home!!!!

Choosing the correct domestic security can be a mine field, due to the vast amount of information and products available. Your main goal should be protecting your family and assets, ultimately you want to stop criminals before they get to your house. We recommend a layered approach to security

man breaking in

Here are some tips to ponder when selecting and installing the correct equipment and options. 

·        Your first layer of security would be the main access point to your property, a motorized gate that operates reliably and fast is the best option. You should ensure that the entrance and driveway is clean and free of obstacles, like shrubs that criminals can hide behind. Good lighting is also a must. This means less time sitting in your driveway or the road where you are a vulnerable target to hijackers.

·        Electrified perimeter security has become the norm in South Africa, it is hard to spot a property without an electric fence. In many cases where a criminal has managed to enter over, or through, an electric fence, it is mainly due to some defect in the planning of the fence or poor maintenance. While, realistically, most electric fences can be bypassed and penetrated by a knowledgeable intruder, an electric fence should also be seen as a first layer of defense and not the entire security solution for your property. Bear in mind that the electric fence should be an aid to existing security equipment or personnel. Ensure that your electric fence is functioning properly and effectively, keep foliage, obstacles and branches away from the fence. Test the fence on a regular basis and ensure that the battery life can out last a power cut.

·        Outdoor detectors and beams are important as a layer as they should trigger the alarm system before the criminal gain access to the house. Static beams are not as effective as motion detectors due to the fact that experienced criminals can circumvent them easily and they are susceptible to lighting strikes etc. We would recommend looking at brand name outdoor motion detectors, these are generally mounted on your house looking away with a range of 12 to 15 meters. It is good idea to create an invisible barrier between your house and the criminals, again ensure that they are clear of shrubbery and obstacle that may inhibit the functioning. Use good quality branded detectors that are ICASA approved, you don’t want cheap ineffective detectors that give false alarms.

·        Security gates and burglar bars are a necessity. Good quality gates and locks should be installed on the main doors, ensure there is no gap for the criminals to gain access. Burglar bars on the outside of the window are the best option, although they may not be as aesthetically pleasing. It is important that burglar bars are made of quality material and anchored to the walls not the frame. Don’t go for cheap, thin bars and ensure a professional install them so they can’t be removed easily.

·        Alarm systems in our opinion are the most effective layer of security when is come to your home. A good functioning alarm system can be a life saver!!! The alarm system should have various arming functions, for when you are home, away or sleeping. The system should be able to protect you while you are home, this is of the utmost importance as criminals breaking while you are there. The system must have some sort of panic function to alert the authorities or armed response quickly. It should be able to handle all of the required inputs like, electric fence, gate override, outdoor detectors and indoor detectors and send notifications to the response company.

·        CCTV is great for verification and deterring criminals. The system should have some sort of cloud access for verification. Use a good quality system that will last, too many times have we come across cheap nasty systems that last a matt of months. There are great systems available that can integrate or work with your alarm system. Use the system to verify alarm do not walk around looking for what triggered the system.

The above is the bare minimum for home security. All should be inspected regularly and maintained correctly. “Too often has there been a break-in and it is found that the home security measures are not functioning correctly”

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