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Progressive PressesThere are 5 products.

Progressive Presses
Progressive Presses

Progressive presses are designed for experienced reloaders, and shooters who go through several hundred rounds per week. Unlike a single stage loader, a progressive press causes many things to occur at the same time and because of this, there are many more things to monitor.

There is no reason you can't start with a progressive press, but unless you go through over 500 rounds per week, a progressive press is not really necessary. The Turret press is both less expensive and easier to set up, and (once set up) will reload up to 250 rounds an hour in experienced hands. Setting up a progressive press requires patience and attention to detail.

The Anniversary kit contains the basic elements for a complete set up. Just order the die set(s) that correspond to the cartridges you wish to reload, and for rifle cartridges, a case length gauge to maintain correct case length. The shell holder needed for the press to use the dies is included with all Lee Die sets other than RGB